The focus of the menu is the Greek creative cuisine with clean flavors, following the locality and seasonality of materials.

The creative promotion of local raw materials, combined with excellent Greek products from all over the country, reviving recipes and flavors forgotten by time, bringing forth the Athos monastic cooking.

Raw Materials

Local products such as oregano Mavrouda PDO , the corpulent Olympiad mussels and other shellfish in the area (cockles, cannolicchios, sea anemone or malusa), fresh fish of the Strymonikos Bay, the sea fennels from the rocks of the area, the precious fennel gathered on the Mount, even the Petroto or “Asia Minor” cheese of Stathoris from Ierissos.

Selected Greek products, with fine cheeses: the sfela of Messinia (The “cheese of fire”), the stamnotyri truffle  of Parnassus, the dry anthotyros of Crete, the katiki of Domokos, the kopanisti of Mykonos, the kefalotiri of Epirus, the touloumotyri of Naxos, the Serres yogurt with seafood specialties: roe of Messolongi, anchovies of Kalloni , mackerel  caviar  of Kalymnos, excellent land flavors: the aubergines of Lagadas ,  garlic of Xanthi , dry olives(Throumbes) of Thassos and elaborate charcuterie: noumboulo of Corfu etc.

Attractive combination of excellent raw materials, creating original gastronomic proposals. A characteristic example is the sitaroto with fillet mullet and noumboulo of Corfu, stuffed sea bass with cut vegetables, shrimps in a spinach pie, grilled  scallops with garlic butter and smoked salt, briam in hoecake with kefir sauce, kanafeh with sheep cheese and orange syrup, moussaka shrimp.

Traditional recipes are revived as the “Cod tsiladia” with raisins, a Messinian specialties has a history almost two centuries and forgotten materials such as creamy ospriada soup, the “heart” of Crete with 15 (!) types of Greek legumes.