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 The chef Christos Gremos, has maintained a busy Greece menus with combinations of selected Greek products like noumboulo Corfu, the sea fennel from Strymoniko the stamnotyri truffle Parnassus and dry ricotta Crete. Revive traditional recipes such as velor ospriadas with 15 (!) Types of Greek pulses or haddock tsiladia with raisins. With new “dishes” and interesting combinations, like sitaroto mullet fillet with pâté and cured anchovy with Kritama, the Greek cheeses emerged in the Messinian sfela the Asia Minor stathori with Mount Athos fennel or Chian mastelo with orange sauce and mastic. Almost 32 choices in spirits, champagne, ideally accompany leading salted snacks such as smoked eel, caviar kolioy, anchovies Kalloni and mackerel fillet smoked in beech wood.