The chef Christos Gremos is the main initiator of the restaurant gastronomic reformation, who puts his signature in a cuisine of quality Greek tastes, oriented to the sea.

He was born in Katerini where he spent his childhood. From an early age he discovered the particular love that he has in gastronomy and he studied cooking at a school in Thessaloniki.

In 1999 he began professionally his journey in catering, having as stations the restaurants in Greece and abroad.

From 2010 he runs the Kalamatianos creative team and puts his signature in the restaurant menu.

Simple, straightforward and measured as his cooking, he will not talk about serving in three restaurants and his awards, but for his deep love in Greek traditional seafood. He draws inspiration from traditional materials and local raw materials expressed by presenting them with a contemporary note.

A look at the menu of which he is in charge is enough to realize how Chris cliff handles materials: modest creativity and imaginative combinations, land and sea come together keeping pure traditional flavors from all corners of Greece. Along with the i new compositions, you find in the palette of the menu also old – almost unaltered – traditional recipes, with small tasteful touches.