Greek Cuisine Awards 2019


On Tuesday 2nd April 2019, the city of Thessaloniki welcomed for the second time the award of the Best Greek Cuisine Restaurants in the Country, in an impressive ceremony contest at the “Macedonia Palace” hotel, where Greek gastronomy shines.

In their second event as an independent institution, Greek Cuisine offers a unique route to the best Greek gastronomy stations. The award-winning 65 restaurants throughout Greece, from the Ionian Sea to Rhodes and from Alexandroupolis to Crete, have been the reason for highlighting the importance of preserving the tasteful memory in a way that connects the modern Greek cuisine with the modern techniques and modern nutritional specifications with the flavor of the traditional recipe that forms the foundation of our gastronomic identity. Besides, it is now commonplace that Greek cuisine has the necessary background to link its taste tradition to a future dynamic that can not only overcome the country’s borders but also be a reference point for the international gastronomic setting.

Kalamatianos.Restaurant was one of them!

Estia Awards 2017

Estia Awards Kalamatianos Gold

In a glamorous and honest award ceremony held at Gazarte in Athens, companies were awarded to represent both the gastronomic wealth of Greece and the new concepts that characterize the Greek focus.

The Estia Awards reward excellence and innovation businesses at all levels of operation: from their tasteful proposals to the service and from the decoration of the store or the exploitation of technology to the social offerings.

The aim of the awards is to highlight the best in the industry, as well as the individual practices that inspire healthy competition and upgrading the quality of the service received by the consumer.

The restaurant Kalamatianos received the Estia Awards 2017 Gold Award.

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Estiatoria Premium Awards 2017

Estiatoria Awards

The nationwide award award “ Premium Awards 2017” was completed with great success. Presenter of the awards was Konstantinos Angelidis.

Best restaurants from all over Greece were awarded, which resulted from voting and appreciation by the committee of the institution.

Special prize for the event was the presence of internationally renowned chef Mario Perez Sanchez as well as the participation of restaurants from Cyprus.

The Kalamatianos Restaurant received the Premium Awards 2017.
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Trip Advisor 2018 Certificate of Excelence

Trip Advisor 2018 En

Our services have been recognized as outstanding for 2018 as well as for 2017 and 2016 and have been awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” by Trip Advisor. This certificate informs travelers from every corner of the world. The certificate is responsible for the quality, quantity and recent customer experience over the past 12 months. To qualify, an enterprise must maintain an excellent rating for at least five months with a minimum of reviews to be entered into the Trip Advisor for a minimum of 12 months.

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